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bottom New customers for your store

neXeps is retargeting, but also much more!

Retargeting starts with the prospect and ends with the sale, but ...

Who directs the prospects to you?
Who evaluates yourtarget group?
Who determines alternative products and displays them?
Who ties your customers to your store through precise reanimation during after-sales?

Right! neXeps!

The core competence of neXeps is "prescriptive analytics" of billions of data sets in realtime (very few milliseconds). We use this core competence for three areas: "New business development" - "Retargeting" - "After Sales". neXeps is a self-learning intelligent algorithm which works completely autonomous while giving you full control over all necessary parameters, overviews and analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics

neXeps does not classify and structure the collected data. Through its self-learning algorithm (AI - artificial intelligence) the consistently growing amounts of data (Big Data) are being correlated and analysed dynamically and in real-time Based on this analysis neXeps decides, which advertising medium is being returned!

In real-time

The nexeps targeting algorithm determines in real-time during the loading process of a website, which of your products the customer is interested in and which he is most likely going to buy. Based on that an adequate advertising medium is being displayed.

Customer interests

neXeps knows what the customer wants! We show shoppers what they need before they know it themselves. neXeps turns a simple visitor into a prospect customer - neXeps turns prospect customers into your customers - neXeps turns your customers into returning customers! By immediate trend detection and through detailed profiling neXeps always targets the customer individually!

The principle

New business development - PRE-Targeting through real-time dynamic construction of customer profiles and through dedicated placement of your products
Retargeting - through the expressed interest of a potential new customer for a product in combination with other existing interests and customer profiles.
Customer-Reanimation - After sales targeting individually tailored for the customer through prescriptive analytics.
The principle

neXeps functionality

They are everwhere: coherences. The neXeps targeting algorithm is capable of finding thousands of correlation in seemingly unmanagable amounts of customer profiles and product data sets and decides within very few milliseconds autonomous which advertising medium has to be displayed to get the customer to purchase...

Exactly, not get him toclick, but to purchase! 

How about an example?

The fashion store "In-Style Fashion" uses neXeps for new business development, retargeting as well as reanimation of existing customers on a CPO basis.

Stage 1: We automatically find a suitable new customer!

During the first stage neXeps collects and analyses customer profiles of the In-Style Fashion online store and automatically creates a target group as well as individual profiles of your customers. neXeps then compares them to its own profile database and places advertisements for user A. neXeps then sees user A again on one of the hundreds of thousands of websites that are connected to our network. Within very few milliseconds neXeps synchronizes user A with its own profile database (Big Data).
The result: People like user A are currently interested by ...


in High Heels - nude


in Magic-Pants - denim


in Clutch - champagne


in Jersey tanktop - white


in business shoe - black


in A-Line skirt - coralle

The top products that neXeps determines are now being presented to user A in a banner. If he does not click the banner during an individually set reiteration, the advertised product is replaced by the next top product. User A is now presented new products!
Now user A sees a banner advertising High Heels - nude and clicks on the banner.

neXeps recognizes your next customer, before he or she has even seen your shop for the first time!

Stage 2: Through intelligent retargeting neXeps turns your prospect customers into customers!

Next to High Heels - nude User A also views different products in your online store. He leaves the site without buying anything. But by now neXeps knows the following characteristics:

  1. the interests of user A
  2. the interests and purchases of the "statistical twins" of user A
  3. the products in your online store

These characteristics are immediately being logically connected. Every time user A is being recognized within our network, within very few milliseconds the optimal advertisement can be calculated and displayed by the neXeps targeting algorithm.

with this technique neXeps increases the CTR by 500% - on a CPO basis!

as expected user A now buys High Heels - nude He is now your customer. neXeps also detects that and stops displaying any more banners to user A for the product he already purchased. These products are automatically removed from the retargeting machinery and thus not shown to the customer anymore! User A will now not see any more banners for High Heels - nude.

With every contact neXeps is learning and uses this new knowledge within the same second for other customers!

Stage 3: neXeps binds the customers to you and makes them to buy again!

In addition to the already known characteristics, new combinations are added from which neXeps continues to learn and bind the customer to you:

  1. the interests of user A
  2. the interests and purchases of the "statistical twins" of user A
  3. the products in your online store
  4. customers, who bought this product, also bought...
  5. customers, who bought this product, are also interested in...
  6. customers, who bought this product and viewed the same products as user A
  7. customers, who bought this product compared to other combinations of product purchases
  8. Products from your range of goods that relate to the purchased product
  9. Complemental products (Flash light --> batteries)
  10. ...

No matter what you offer! This makes an ad by neXeps so interesting for the customer that the probability of a purchase is much higher than with any traditional display campaign.

A small demonstration complacent?

If you see a banner here that displays products that you have already seen at the shop of "Alba Moda" or the banner shows other products of "Alba Moda" that might be of interest to you, neXeps knows you already .

Otherwise, you see a static banner of "Alba Moda".

100% Performance Marketing

The neXeps targeting algorithm is so efficient and reliable, that we bill you on a CPO basis (cost per order). You only pay if the customer makes a purchase This allows you to use neXepswithout any risks.

Why can we offer that?
Because neXeps lives up to its promise!

We stick to that! Give us a try!


As a matter of course we are very careful with the use of information and the adherence to german privacy regulations! This is a top priority for us. According to §3 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz no personal data of a user is saved and connected to him afterwards. neXeps only information about the search behaviour of anonymous Internet users i.e. which sites of the sites that are known to us the user has opened and which products he viewed in the stores of our partners. The detected information is being stored in combination with an anonymous ID, which in turn is being saved as a cookie on the computer of the user. This data never allows any conclusions about which person generated the data, no matter in which combination the data is being analysed!

Data protection regulations (PDF)

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